Electric cars emit less CO₂ than gas cars. But to get maximum benefits, we need to decarbonise our electricity quickly.
Reducing fertility rates in low income countries will hardly make a dent in global CO₂ emissions.
We will need to mine millions of tonnes of minerals to transition to low-carbon energy. But we're currently mining billions of tonnes of fossil fuels…
People are looking for perfect solutions, but they’re not going to find them. Waiting for the perfect fix is the same as doing nothing. Let's not wait.
The energy transition has been hailed as a path to energy security. But is this true, or do a few countries hold most of the world's minerals?
The world has enough lithium, but we need to scale up production this decade.
The Amazon is the largest forest in the world, and home to some of its most diverse ecosystems. We need to protect it, which means ending deforestation…

December 2022

The cost of lithium-ion batteries has fallen by more than 98%.
More than half of young people think "humanity is doomed" due to climate change. We need to reframe the narrative from doom and sacrifice, to one of…
A recent paper claimed that 'food miles' accounted for 20% of food emissions. But this is wrong.

November 2022

Meat substitutes let consumers reduce their meat intake with simple changes to their diet. But are they really better for the environment?
Global per capita CO₂ emissions probably peaked a decade ago.